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Garden Team Note: Coping with Our Ever Changing Atmosphere

Note from your Gardening Team:
Coping with the ever changing atmosphere of today’s world has been challenging for me as I am sure it has been for you. Here are some coping techniques that can help us deal with the anxiety, fear and depression caused by the events of our changing world.
Below are 5 quick but effective techniques that you can add to your daily routine:
Deep Breathing:
This helps release endorphins into your body. Take long deep breaths. In through the Nose, out through the mouth. The best thing about this is you can do this anywhere. It helps calm and slow your mind while giving you an uplifted mood. The longer you use this technique the stronger your sense of calm will be restored.
A mantra is more of a statement to your mind. It can be one word or a sentence. You can use a mantra anywhere when needed. Mantras are basically stating how u want to feel or what you need. “Today is an amazing day” “I am calm” say it slow and repeat at least 5 times. I use them in combination with yoga and meditation, this can enhance the positive frame of mind you are creating.

Meditating every day or when you’re stressed is very beneficial. I love to meditate in the morning. It helps start my day off calmly. However, as a single mom that is nearly impossible. So, I meditate on my lunch break or at night when my children are in bed. Meditating even for 5 minutes a day has proven to help calm your mind and uplift your mood.
Find a quiet place to sit or lay down.
Start by calming your mind, close your eyes and take long deep breaths through your nose. You can do this for as long as you wish too. You can increase the benefits by adding a mantra to it as well. When breathing outward speak your mantra. “I am calm.” There are also guided meditations, these can be a very helpful tool if you’re having a hard time meditating. This is a really quick guided meditation only 5 minutes long.
Another technique if you’re having a hard time meditating, is to try this breathing pattern: Take a deep breath in, hold for 3 seconds then exhale deeply. Repeat as needed.
Yoga is so beneficial to all aspects of your life. It helps uplift mood, restore calm, release stress and tension in your body, and improve self image as well as your physical image.
There are many ways to do yoga. But I recommend always starting from beginners yoga and in a calm quiet place. Doing yoga even for 10 minutes a day, is extremely beneficial to help calm your mind. Adding mantras and meditation to yoga is even more beneficial. When starting yoga, allow yourself time to let your body adjust. I wiggle gently into yoga positions. This is an amazing yoga video for beginners or anyone getting back into yoga . I used it when I was getting back into it and was 280lbs.
Me time:
Taking some “me time.” Maybe you’re not into anything mentioned above. Think about what makes you less stressed. Maybe it’s that book you have been wanting to read, or a long needed bubble bath. Take that “me time”, even 15 minutes of your day, to do something that makes you relaxed.