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Lawn Fertilization and Pest Control

We want our customers to take pride in central Connecticut’s most Distinctive Landscaping Company.

As with all our services, our applicators are fully trained and certified.  

Nothing but the finest products are used to care for your lawn. Our goal is to improve your lawn with the least amount of pesticides used even if it means spending more valuable time on each property. Applications are made based on each individual lawn.

Services are designed individually for each lawn and the property owners priorities. Choose from one of our unique programs:

Worry Free Lawn Service – Each month during the growing season a licensed technician will inspect your lawn and make applications based on the needs of the lawn at the time. This insures your lawn will always be taken care of the best it can be without the property owner being told they need another application at additional cost.
The cost of this service is the same each month and includes seeding that may be needed at the end of the season. The owner need not worry about whether they need another application or not. Chances are when you start to wonder about what your lawn needs next, the technician will already be on his/her way.

Natural Organic Service – In the ever-changing world of natural organics, knowledge about what is available and effective is key. Our professionals know what works and what doesn’t. From nematodes for grubs to corn gluten for weeds this service can give you a lawn you can be proud of.

Designer Service – Some homeowners like to do their own lime applications or may not want the full service. They can choose from 1 to 6 applications per year. Your technician will guide you to which applications will give you the best results.

Economy Lawn Service – Sometimes owners only want fertilizer without pesticides at all. At a reduced price your lawn can be healthy and green.

You can see Naturescape’s distinctive difference in lawn care.


Choosing the right kind of seed is the first step to a successful lawn project. You can get a grass that comes up quick and then learn that it was not the right kind for your property and have to do it all over again later. Or a very sad thing that happens to many people is the contractor uses a mix that contains weeds that are not easily removed. Using a good quality mix is more important that saving a few bucks on the initial seed job. We spend a lot of time fixing contractor blunders. Get it done right at the beginning to avoid these mistakes.

Core Aeration
Core aeration is an important step to your lawn service. It helps reduce soil compaction allowing water to run through the grass roots instead of washing over them causing runoff. If you have clay soils or the lawn has not been aerified recently this is a service you should consider.


Some people say anyone can mow. If that were true we would let anyone mow our customers lawns. Unfortunately, that is not the case. We only mow for people who hire us for their other landscaping. We want our customers happy and if we have to mow their lawn for them, so be it.

All clippings get mulched into the grass to preserve water and nutrients. Clippings will be blown off the walks, patios and driveway. String trimming is done often to insure a beautiful look all the time.

Spring Clean-up and Bed Weed Control

Spring clean-ups take place in March when the snow cover has diminished. All debris such as leaves, acorns and branches left over from the winter months will be picked up from the turf and shrub bed areas. For those who request it plant beds and tree rings will be edged and pre-emergent herbicide will be applied to reduce the occurrence of weeds. Broken or damaged branches in trees and shrubs will be pruned at this time.

Fall Cleanup

Our fall landscaping service concludes with a final cleanup of yard debris. Leaves can be removed from the site or blown well off the landscaped area where they can decompose out of site. Leaves removed are mulched and enriched with organic materials for use as compost after several years of manipulation and enrichment.

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