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Bed Maintenance of Flowers, Shrubs and Ornamental Trees

Having landscape beds full of beautiful shrubs, trees and flowers takes expertise and care. We use the finest materials and methods. We train our individuals the proper planting and installation methods and consistently insure the proper methods are used.

  • Pruning – Pruning correctly can extend the life of a plant. While some plants can be sheared doing so is not always the best way. Choosing how and when to prune takes knowledge and care to do so properly.
  • Weeding – Again, not anybody can do this job. You have to know perennials so they won’t be mistaken for weeds.
  • Mulching – We use the finest grade BARK mulch possible. Many mulches contain wood pallets that are painted to look bright. Have you ever seen a tree the same color as your mulch? It makes you wonder what it looked like before it was painted. Also, mulches against the house should be primarily bark to help keep insects at bay. Bark is used on a tree to keep out insects who are dying to get at the wood inside. If you cover your foundation area with wood chips, the insects have found what they are looking for without having the trouble of getting past the bark.
  • Edging – Natural edges are beautifully done.

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