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Lawns require proper mowing and a great lawn program

Lawns require proper mowing, a great lawn program and possibly some watering. 

Proper mowing has become critical during this most recent drought that came over us so suddenly.  To keep your grass in its best condition its best to keep it long during the summer.  Its best to mow to 3.5″ to 4″ in the summer.  Do not go by the settings on your mower; they are always wrong.  Check mowing height on the grass by mowing a section, place a ruler on the ground and measure the grass height. If it’s less than 3.5″ after you mowed you’re mowing too low.  A higher height allows the grass to shade itself and develop longer root systems.

Also leave the clippings on the lawn unless they are too thick. If they are, go ahead and blow the clippings around to spread them out. Feel the weight and moisture you are taking away. These clippings return moisture to the grass. They do not contribute to thatch.  Thatch is caused by compaction.

Many areas that look to have been burnt are most likely due to poor soil conditions such as sandy or depleted soil, ledge, septic systems or heat from roads, driveways and low mowing height.

Watering does not have to be a big chore. In fact, it’s not even necessary as most lawns will recover from the heat. It’s the insects and diseases that mimic drought that will damage lawns.

If you do want to water, however, do it in the early morning or mid afternoon and do it thoroughly. Water the same spot for an hour or two. This can also be done in short segments a few times in a row. If needed, doing this once a week can make a difference in how your lawn looks.

Years ago I developed and introduced our exclusive Worry Free Lawn Service.  During these months we will be checking lawns and treating them to make sure there are no insects or diseases causing harm.    This service is backed up with our free seeding warranty should any insect or disease problems cause damage.   We have limited availability for this service.  If interested for next year please let us know before this fall.  If you’re on this program remember it doesn’t mean your lawn will be perfect at all times.  While its possible, the pressure to be perfect could be too much to ask.