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Planning for the future of your lawn next spring

Everything we do these days is hopeful.  We hope for life in spring so we plan for it.  We fertilize knowing we will not see it’s full benefit until spring.  We add lime knowing its benefits will not become apparent for many months.  We aerate, dotting lawns with soil cores, with the hopes that it will breathe new life into our lawns by loosening the soil and breaking up thatch.  And finally, we add seed and topsoil knowing we will not see its full potential until the following spring.  Everything we do is for the future benefit of lawns and landscapes these days.  It’s like we are planning for the future of your lawn next spring.

I’m thrilled to see how lawns this fall look so amazing.  It’s like the heat of the summer did not adversely affect them too badly.  Weeds came in so ferociously it surprised us all.  One day the lawns were happy and the next they were suffering from drought and weeds seemed like they grew ten inches that day.  Fortunately, we have a good system in place of checking lawns and landscapes to insure we are doing everything we can within your budget to insure your landscape hasn’t taken over.  Letting nature take its course is not a cliché we like to say.  When pruning I feel like we are “beating back the jungle”, however, we are happy that we can make things grow so well.

We are very grateful that you as a consumer are willing to see weeds or imperfections crop up on occasion and don’t get riled by it.  It’s nature trying to take over and it will only be a matter of time before your friends at Naturescape will come by to take care of it.  We don’t pretend to keep your landscape weed free at all times, for that is impossible.  We also do not intend to eliminate all weeds- at times we will leave some for the benefit of pollinators.  We simply do what we can the best we can to keep them from taking over the plants you enjoy.

This summer was challenging and we appreciate your patience as we did what we had to do as best we could.  Thank you for allowing us to show you how we can service your landscape and make it beautiful for you.  Our persistence paid off as we inspect properties and see how wonderful they look.  We look forward to spring to see how our planning for the future of your lawn next spring will pay off.


Thank you for choosing Naturescape, LLC.

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