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Fall is the best time for seeding your lawn !

Summer coming to a close bring many thoughts.  Workers are tired of working long days, customers are tired of landscaping bills and mowing lawns, kids are tired of laying around all summer.  Well, not really.  Haha.  Before you throw in the towel, we need to see what we can do for our lawns and landscapes before the cold weather sets in.  The number 1 take away for today’s blog is that fall is the best time for seeding your lawn.  Soils are warm which will make germination fast, rain has returned and nightly dews will aid in germination.  Grass will have two full seasons of growing before they have to compete with weeds.  Like I tell my employees and my kids, “Let’s finish strong.  You’ve done most of the work.  Keep going and finish it to the end.”   Fall is the best time for seeding, aerating and topdressing your lawn.

This past summer made it very clear where the poor soil areas are.  It was shocking to see lawns fall apart within one or two weeks of dry weather.  These are the thin spots.  Perhaps you have ledge, rock or sand under the grass that heats up the roots.  Get some soil there by topdressing.  Do you have standing water on the lawn or does it run right off the top?  Aeration will help loosen the soil.

Does your lawn dry out quickly?  If so, the soil is probably sandy and not akin to holding moisture.  Get some good soil in there.  We now have the ability to add topsoil to lawns without doing major reconstruction.  We have a topdressing machine where we can add soil on top of the grass.  It makes a great way to improve the lawn.

Don’t throw in the towel just yet.  Finish strong and seed your lawn this fall!  Call for a quote today and get on the schedule.

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