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A garden is a grand teacher

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Brown spots on your lawn

You are most likely noticing brown spots on your lawn and wondering how could this be?  Can you believe that after one short dry spell and hot weather lawns and shrubs are showing signs of drought?  I know.  It’s crazy.  The soil has dried out so fast and we are as in shock as you

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how to grow clover

Why you should Grow Clover in Your Lawn

Are you growing clover in your lawn? It’s o.k., don’t panic. Clover is actually good for your lawn and excellent for the environment, honeybees and butterflies. A little clover background: Clover (trefoil) is a member of the legume family, with about 300 species in the family. Being part of the legume family means clovers produces

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Annuals or Perennials for Easter and Mothers day

It’s back… It’s spring!! During this spring season, we may find ourselves looking to buy annuals or perennials to decorate our flowerbeds or to give as a gift for Easter or Mother’s Day.  This is why we see the garden centers bustling with life and filling the shelves with plants. But how do you decide which

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Lawn Care and Landscaping Specialist Positions Available

Lawn Care and Landscaping Specialist positions   Job Description We are a full service, family owned & operated landscape/hardscape company, serving the greater Tolland/Windham area for the past 29 years. We service both commercial & residential customers. We are currently seeking applicants for our Lawn Care and Landscaping Specialist positions. Candidates should have prior experience in

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