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5 Reasons for Hardscapes

5 Reasons for Hardscapes Tomorrow is the first day of spring. Spring lawn preparation will be in order for many homeowners. Besides doing the usual mulching and lawn fertilization, you might want to consider a hardscape for your property. Hardscaping adds aesthetic appeal and can be used at your home and or commercial property. Naturescape specializes

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tree damage from winter

Tree damage from winter

Tree damage from winter Extraordinary weather such as deep frost giving way to heavy rain and warm temperatures can create some big problems in the landscape.  The first order of business is to access the damage on your trees.  Were they swaying a bit too much during that heavy wind and rain?  Did you notice

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Drought alert

Last week I saw a lot of plants stressing out due to the dry weather.  This week temperatures in the 90’s and no rain in site is expected.  Please water any new plants.  Plants installed this spring are still new and prone to desiccation.  Please water thoroughly.  One good solid watering could do the trick

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Summer Shorts

I had the amazing opportunity to do some work in France this summer. I was in Giverny, real close to the site of Claude Monet’s homestead, so naturally I visited the famous gardens and lily pond. They had a museum and his old homestead on the site; however, I spent the entire day just in

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Remember Playing With Bugs?

During one of the conferences I attended this winter I learned that bumble bees and butterflies are actually entering into the endangered lists. I knew we were having problems but to see the rusty patched bumble bee that was abundant across more than half of our states the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said, is

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