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Patio, Wall, Walks and Steps


The difference between what just looks good and what will stand the test of time is unforeseen. Compacting the base, adding edge restraints, and using the correct depth and type of base material are some of the differences that can turn a low cost walkway into a nightmare a few years later. Choose a company that will stand behind their work. Check references. How much experience do they have? Do they know how to deal with drainage? Drainage can be a huge factor in the landscape. Not planning for it can be a mistake.


Our professionals have many materials to choose from for your project. An unsightly or hilly area can be vastly improved simply by installing a paver wall or patio, turning a problem area into a beautiful and usable part of your property.




We can now cover over ugly concrete steps and stairs to change them into a beautiful entryway at a cost that is affordable. We have covered over concrete steps, walks and even walls to transform them into functional areas you only dreamed of.

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