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5 ways to recycle your Christmas tree

5 Ways To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Many cities and towns offer a service for residents to dispose of their Christmas trees after the holiday has ended. This is convenient for many families who do not have a way to bring the tree to their local transfer station. If you would rather have a more eco-friendly way to dispose of your tree, you should consider recycling it. There are several ways a Christmas tree can be useful after the ornaments are off. Today’s article is about 5 ways to recycle your Christmas tree.

5 Ways To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

  1. Use the tree as a shelter for backyard wildlife. The trees can be a great place for birds and other wildlife to hide during the cold weather and winter storms.
  2. Cut the branches and lay them on perennial beds for added winter weather protection.
  3. If you have a lake or pond on your property you can drop the tree in. The tree will provide a habitat for fish to hide and a source of food from the algae that will grow on it. (Please contact your local DEEP office or police to gain permission to do so.)
  4. You can shake off the dried needles and use them as mulch. The rest of the tree can be cut up for firewood. If you feel like being creative, you can cut the trunk into small circles and use them as coasters.
  5. Turn the whole tree into mulch and use it next spring.
  6. You can also donate the tree to a zoo. The trees make a fun play item and source of enrichment for many of the animals.
  7. Put the tree back into the forest and secure it so that birds may nest in it in spring.

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