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Small Business Saturday

Why Small Business Saturday Is Important To Me

Why Small Business Saturday Is Important To Me


When it comes to small businesses we epitomize that in every way. Today I am going explain why small business Saturday is important to me. We started in 1990.  Ten years after I graduated from High School.  4 years after I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Business Management and Marketing.  My dream job was in an office with a desk, phone, computer and picture window.  What I found when I achieved that was I couldn’t stop looking out the window.  I would spend my days wishing I could find something more fulfilling than being a credit clerk indoors.


I remember seeing guys mowing the large green lawn actually wondering what it would be like to be doing that.  I stayed late and worked hard but never felt the love from my superiors.  One night I was working late and of the 100’s of desks, I was one of about half a dozen people there.  The branch manager yelled over to one of the other managers and said, “What is she doing here?”  Well, that was it.  I decided I was going to look for a job and take anything I could get.


That was how I ended up at Chemlawn.  It was the eighties and customers were signing up with lawn care in droves.  They were enticed by rich green lawns and someone else doing the dirty work. I assured the managers I could handle 50-pound bags and proceeded to work out during the two weeks I had to give my previous employer for a notice.  Once I started at Chemlawn I excelled.  I was the first person in the branches history to achieve my supervisory license on the first try.  Also, I practiced enough to get my Class 2 license on the first try and I solved lawn problems others didn’t seem to even care about.


I recognized their system as flawed but went with it while I was there.  One day I was sent out to apply lawns in the pouring rain and decided I had had enough.  I went to work for TruGreen before they were a merged company and learned more ways of not doing lawn care.  I decided to start my own company, brainstorming ways to doing lawns and what name I would call my company so in 1990 when I was laid off from TruGreen I was able to “hit the streets running.”


Jeff and I feel strongly about the importance of strong relationships with our customers and our employees.  We keep our business small on purpose.  We don’t take all the work that gets thrown our way and we improve methods to make things better for everyone involved.  We chose our employees carefully and become picky to a fault.  These qualities are what make us a small business and we hope it makes you feel like you are very important to us because that is what we are trying to do.

During this Small Business Saturday we’d like to offer you a discount special of 10% off any new prepaid services for next year.  What a great gift!

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