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what is lawn aeration

Making your lawn better with aeration

Making lawns better with lawn aeration.


Most home lawns are subject to thatch accumulation.  Thatch is the dense organic layer of shoots and stems that develop between the soil and the grass.   Acting like a sponge thatch will impede water, fertilizer and pest controls from reaching the plant root zone where they are needed. If left unmanaged, it can lead to serious maintenance and pest problems.


Core aeration reduces thatch accumulation, minimizes its build-up and modifies its makeup by lifting two to three-inch soil cores and deposits them on the ground thereby incorporating soil into the thatch.


On compacted lawns or ones with slopes, aeration will reduce water puddling and run-off.  Rainfall and watering will be more effective going through the soil rather than running on top of it. With repeat aerations over time, your lawn will show enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance.


Lawns with extremely poor soils can benefit with aeration and topdressing.  Topdressing is a wonderful new tool we have to incorporate rich soil without redoing the lawn completely. Most lawns benefit from annual aeration and topdressing.  Lawns that receive this care will be healthier, more vigorous, and easier to maintain and have fewer pest problems than lawns that are neglected.  This is a good time to spot seed any areas that are thin or bare, but be careful to use a good quality grass seed that is consistent with the grasses you already have.


Let us bring your lawn back to life with one of our popular lawn programs, aeration, top dressing and seeding.  There no time like the present to start.