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How to attract beneficial birds to your garden

How to Attract Beneficial Birds To Your Garden

Birds can play an important role in the ecosystem of a healthy garden. They can act as natural pest control, flower pollinators, weed control, and provide a learning opportunity for observers. Today we are going to go over how to attract beneficial birds to your garden.      First, you want to provide birdseed that

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How To Weed Poison Ivy And Other Dangerous Plants From Your garden

Getting Poison Ivy has to be one of the worst things to experience. The rashes from these plants can leave you with unbearable itching for days! There are several other types of dangerous plants in New England that can hurt anyone who comes in contact with them. Unfortunately, gardeners and groundskeepers run into these types

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summer smoothie recipe

A Summer Smoothie Recipe from Naturescape

Over the years of working outside in the sun, you tend to discover what your regimen should be for the long haul. After running a marathon fertilizing a bunch of lawns on a hot day you’d see my truck at the neighborhood Friendlys. I’d pop in for a root beer float which was one of

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