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indpor pants for the home or office

Indoor Plants For the Home or Office

Now that most of New England is finally experiencing spring weather, you might be wishing you could spend more time outside. If you’re stuck at the office this summer, you can try bringing the outdoors in! Naturescape specializes in assisting our clients in picking and growing beautiful indoor plants for the home or office.


In this article, we will discuss which houseplants are easiest to grow and maintain. Indoor plants improve air quality but can be frustrating if not given the proper environment for their success. Whether it’s for your home or business, our professionals can guide you in your purchase and maintenance of beautiful plants. Your commercial space will be more inviting and relaxing for your clients and employees.


Below is a list of the easiest plants to maintain in your home or office.


1.Pothos: Basic pothos care is very easy. These plants enjoy a wide range of environments. They do fine in bright indirect light as well as low light. They can be grown in dry soil or in vases of water.

2. Succulents and Cactus: Most succulents and cacti require a lot of light. They are suitable for the sunniest of spots in your home or office. Providing them with a shelf to sit on by a window is an ideal spot. Be sure to rotate the plants regularly to make sure all sides get equal sun exposure.

3. Peace Lily: This plant can keep indoor air clean and it grows well in low home and office lighting.

4. Spider Plant: Provide them with well-drained soil, bright and indirect light. Just keep in mind that they enjoy cooler temperatures.

5. Philodendrons: These plants climb easily and do best in hanging baskets. Allow the topsoil to dry between waterings and place this plant in indirect sunlight. Drooping leaves mean you’re watering too much or too little.

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