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Recovering from the storm

Wow.  What just happened?  Last thing I remember being concerned about the dry lawns and poof we are covered in leaves, branches and debris and without power.  Are you feeling a little tattered these days?  I sort of feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  Where the heck am I?  lol.  Anyway, here we

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Lawns require proper mowing and a great lawn program

Lawns require proper mowing, a great lawn program and possibly some watering.  Proper mowing has become critical during this most recent drought that came over us so suddenly.  To keep your grass in its best condition its best to keep it long during the summer.  Its best to mow to 3.5″ to 4″ in the summer.  Do not go

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Something to do while you shelter in place

A great way to teach your family how to be more self reliant and healthy while you shelter in place would be to grow a vegetable garden.   You don’t need a lot of space but what you do need is plenty of sun.  You can go with as little as a 10×10 foot area, plant in

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Doing small things

“We cannot do great things on earth, only small things with great love.” Mother Teresa. There’s been so many changes due to the outbreak of Covid-19.  You may have already heard that the governor of Connecticut has ordered all non-essential businesses to cease operations by Monday 8pm ( because it’s spring and plants will continue

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We are thankful

Last year, at this time, Jeff had been to the hospital for a heart incident and installation of a stent.  We are thankful he survived but while still in his 50’s we weren’t prepared for that.  In September he was finally starting to feel better he was slammed from behind by a drunk driver.  He suffered

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