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Give the gift of Curb Appeal

Often times we get so busy or tired that we can’t see the forest through the trees.  Or the weeds through the shrubs.  Miss a season or two and you could easily find that your landscape has gotten ahead of you.  While you were recovering or ignoring your landscape, it was still growing and moving along with its duties of attracting bees, bugs, and butterflies without you.  There’s nothing wrong with that unless you want it to look good.  This is where we come in.  This Valentines Day, give the gift of curb appeal.


We usually start off with a consultation.  If you like what we say we then go on to the Design stage.  Just seeing what the possibilities are can be a gift of itself.  Then from there, we’ll give you estimates.  It’s often a good idea at this point to think about how much your budget can tolerate.  We have set prices for things so telling us what you can spend will not get us thinking about a new boat or truck.  


Rather it helps us plan what kinds of plants and trees you can afford.  Will you be thinking of selling your home in a few years?  Will you have kids or grandkids that will want to play in your yard?  Are you happy with a minimal landscape or do you want instant gratification?  Our designers can walk with you and guide you with questions you have and the decisions you’ll need to make.


Keep in mind that if you are considering selling your home landscaping plays a vital role in how successful your sale could go.  For example, we had a house for sale that was your typical 4 bedroom, 2 bath Colonial with a decent yard and location.  We did extensive work to make the interior shine.  We also added a front walk and landscape.  It’s one downfall was the backyard.  


A rough looking landscape.


 After a year we took it off the market and rented while pondering what to do.  You see the backyard had a steep bank and then leveled off with an acre of relatively flat woods.  I could see that if some clearing was done it would make a wonderful space. I kept telling myself that people could see the potential.  Finally, we had a wee bit of time and we decided it was time to do the landscaping. 


How long do you not see how bad this looks?


Once we finished we put the house back on the market and we had multiple offers within 2 days.  Was it the landscaping or the timing?  We will never truly know but I do believe the landscaping had a lot to do with it.  That is why I tell people, “It took a year and 2 days to sell.”


A great landscaping job can add lots of curb appeal to potential buyers.


Naturescape, LLC provides customers with a professional and nurturing experience from the beginning to the end of each landscaping project. From designing to installing to protecting your landscape investment with quality management programs your experience will be exciting and gratifying.