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My Top 5 Gardening Resolutions For The New Year 

My Top 5 Gardening Resolutions For The New Year

New Years is a wonderful time for new beginnings and new pathways that can lead to exciting destinations. It is said that resolutions are easier to keep when they have to do with something you enjoy.  Gardening doesn’t have to be a favorite hobby to enjoy resolutions that go along with it.  If you are having trouble coming up some resolutions, here are my top 5 gardening resolutions for the new year.


My Top 5 Gardening Resolutions For The New Year


Take some time to just stroll through your garden.  Even in the winter there is interest there. Listen to the birds, smell the flowers, look at the beauty around you.  If you’re quiet enough you might see wildlife.  When’s there’s snow you’ll notice animal tracks and realize there’s a whole ecosystem going on out there.  If the soil is not frozen or saturated with all this rain feel your feet moving through the soil. (It doesn’t hurt to pull any weeds you find too!)


Keep tools in good shape by hanging them neatly on racks purchased or created. We used long nails in a board for a simple solution.  It also helps us to mark what the nail is for.  With multiple people using the tools this keeps things orderly. See picture.   Here’s a great tutorial on how to make one for yourself that’s a bit tidier than our nail variety.


Plan to add more native plants to your garden. They are the most eco-friendly and also the best at supporting native wildlife. These plants also tend to be hardier than most.  Granted, they may not be as colorful but they are great fillers for spaces that remain empty.


Enjoy more food from your garden.There are many books on edibles that will amaze you on what you can eat from your own backyard.  Here’s one I have, “Edible Wild Plants” by John Kallas, Ph.D. It has everything you need to know from proper identification to harvesting to recipes.  It’s amazing the amount of wild food we tend to throw away.  By the way, I have yet to read my book so you won’t see us munching on your weeds yet.  lol


Take on a new and challenging project. This can be anything from refinishing a table to reading the bible start to finish. The point of this is to try something new and be proud of it at the end of it.  My newest project was to revive an old brick fireplace with German Schmear!  Check it out!


We at Naturescape wish you the happiest of New Years and hope your 2019 is productive and wonderful.


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