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5 Ways Gardening Relieves Stress

5 Ways That Gardening Relieves Stress

Wednesday, November 7th is National Stress Awareness Day. National Stress Awareness Day is run by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA). Stress is a reaction to the difficulties on your body and life. If stress gets overwhelming it can cause mental health problems and physical illness. It can impact your work performance, relationships, and family life. There are many ways to combat stress including exercise, a healthy diet, and activities. Gardening has proved to a very successful stress reliever. Today we will offer some information on 5 ways that gardening relieves stress.


5 Ways That Gardening Relieves Stress


When working on your garden, leave the smartphone inside. Gardening is about connecting with nature and interacting with it. Concentrate on working with the earth and leave the ringing, texting, social media, and email in the house. It is scientifically proven that constantly looking at smartphones can add unneeded stress. 


Indulge in creativity. Art is a wonderful stress reliever so use your artistic abilities to come up with a beautiful new garden design and layout. You can even learn another stress relieving hobby of oil painting your new garden design. 


Encourage birds and butterflies into your garden by planting flowers that they like. Nothing is more relaxing than spending a warm summer afternoon bird and butterfly watching. Zinnias, Sunflowers, Beebalm, Daylilies, and Hollyhocks all attract birds and butterflies.


Gardening is a nurturing activity. Watching something grow that you have created is another amazing stress reliever. Creating a successful garden can also be a boost to your self-esteem.


If you are feeling excessively stressed, go out and weed. Tune down your aggression by pulling out those weeds you have been avoiding all summer. Removing the weeds also gives you a chance to think about your garden’s renewal and new growth. 


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