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The Best Herbs To Grow For Cats

The Best Herbs To Grow For Cats

Today is National Cat Day! Cats are the second most popular domesticated animal in the United States. National Cat Day was established in 2005 and is celebrated annually on October 29th. To keep your feline friends happy, you can grow certain herbs and plants in your garden that cats like. Today’s article is to celebrate National Cat Day and it is about the best herbs to grow for cats.


One of the easiest herbs to grow is Catnip. You can either grow it in pots in your home or you can plant it outside. The nepetalactone contained in the Nepata (catmints) attaches to olfactory receptors of cats and makes them playful.


Valerian is also easy to grow and has a similar effect to Catnip. You will have to crush up the leaves for your cat to take an interest. Unfortunately, Valerian has a rather unpleasant odor. People have described it as a dirty sock smell. 


Cat Thyme is another herb vats love to roll around in. Cat thyme is not a thyme. Its small, oval leaves give it a thyme-like look, its musty scent is very different from thyme. It is not difficult to grow in a warm well-drained location but prefers lots of sun.


Cat Grass (Wheat Grass) is another feline favorite. An easy way to grow cat grass is to purchase domestic bird seed and place it on a small planter with soil. Once the grass is grown, you can allow your cat to roll in it or even nibble on it.


Rosemary will likely not be chewed on by your cat but it can act as a natural flea repellent. The strong odor can keep the pests at bay and keep your home smelling wonderful.

Our cats showing off their best nap abilities!

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