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How to make autumn decorations with things from your garden

How to make autumn decorations with things from your garden

There are many craft projects you can make for holiday decorations right from your garden this autumn.  These decorations are not only attractive but good for the environment because they can be composted after use and you’ve avoided a store bought plastic piece . Today’s article is about how to make autumn decorations with things from your garden.

The most common items used in homemade autumn decor are pumpkins, corn stalks, ornamental corn, gourds, and squash. The following is a list of decorations you can make with the items above.

  • Pumpkins: These are by far the most popular autumn decor item. They can be painted, carved, or just placed as is. An easy and simple display with pumpkins is to place them on hale bales on your porch. You can always carve them as it gets closer to Halloween.  There are some great carving kits available that can make this job easy and fun.  You can also use a sugar pumpkin as decorations and then use it for pies or breads.  Sugar pumpkins are smaller and are marked as such.

Ornamental Grasses and Corn Stalks: You can bind these to pillars near your door. Another popular cornstalk decoration is tying them to the rear of a mailbox. Consider binding them with wide ribbon in popular harvest colors such as gold, brown, maroon, and orange.

Ornamental Corn: One of the easiest pieces of fall decor is to hang a cluster of ornamental corn on your front door. Like the corn stalks, you can tie the corn together with some attractive and harvest-themed ribbon.

Gourds and Squash and Pine Cones: These are extremely pretty and versatile. Small pumpkins gourds can be placed in a glass container with acorns to create an attractive centerpiece. You can also place them on a long tray with pinecones. Light some scented candles and you have another attractive and easy fall decor piece.

Have a safe and blessed harvest season from everyone at Naturescape,LLC.

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