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How to attract beneficial birds to your garden

How to Attract Beneficial Birds To Your Garden

Birds can play an important role in the ecosystem of a healthy garden. They can act as natural pest control, flower pollinators, weed control, and provide a learning opportunity for observers. Today we are going to go over how to attract beneficial birds to your garden. 



First, you want to provide birdseed that is appropriate for the region and type of bird you want to attract. Many types of birds from the northeast will be attracted to a seed blend that contains fruit and nuts.  Place the feeder near a bush to provide a safe place to fly in and out of.   It’s best not to place your feeder near a window because birds can’t see the glass. You might also want to provide a bird bath. You can choose from many different varieties but be sure to refill the water and keep it clean. 



Having bushes and grasses to hide in provide protection from predators for birds. Grasses make great material to build nests with. Nesting boxes on trees and brush by the garden edges are attractive to the birds. Remember birds eat insects so leave areas without pesticides, even allowing some damage to bushes on outside edges by insects.  After all its the insects many birds will feed on.  



Some of the best plants and trees that attract beneficial birds to your garden are American Bittersweet, Beautyberry, Black Chokeberry, Blue Spruce, Boxwood, Hawthorn, Hemlock, Winterberry, Buckeye, Butterfly Weed, Foxglove, Lupine, Flox, Pine, Rhododendron, Bee Balm, Primrose, Crabapple, and Elderberry. All of these provide food and shelter for birds. 


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