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weeding your garden efficiently

Weed Your Garden More Efficiently

Today is #NationalWeedYourGardenDay and here at Naturescape, we have come up with some ways to weed your garden more efficiently. If you leave your garden weeds unchecked, they will swiftly choke out your plants and vegetables you plan to grow. They can also block out the sun which plants need to thrive. Weeds are also great hiding places for garden pests. 


  • Weed your garden after it rains. The moist soil will make the weeds and roots easy to pull out. Pulling out the roots helps to ensure the weeds will not come back. 
  • Have a weed bucket handy.  If you have a spot for your weeds after you’ve pulled them, they are easier to dump and won’t be left looking messy on the lawn.
  • Place a knee pad on the ground. Knees can get stiff if you do not have a comfortable surface to kneel on.
  • Use mulch to cover bare soil. Bare soil is more likely to give weeds a place to grow because blowing seeds can easily land and plants roots in it.
  • Loosen the soil while weeding. If you’re having difficulty, go ahead and use a weed wacker to make sure you get all the roots.
  • Mowing your lawn on a regular basis will prevent the growth of weeds. Removing the flower of a weed will prevent it from spreading seeds. 
  • Place plants close together because weeds are unlikely to grow in cool and dark places. 
  • Create a windbreak with dense perennials on the edges of your garden to prevent seeds from blowing in. 

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