Drought alert - Naturescape LLC

Drought alert

Last week I saw a lot of plants stressing out due to the dry weather.  This week temperatures in the 90’s and no rain in site is expected.  Please water any new plants.  Plants installed this spring are still new and prone to desiccation.  Please water thoroughly.  One good solid watering could do the trick while a second solid soaking is better.

Newly installed lawns will need watering every day as much as twice a day.  But don’t worry about the time of day.  I find early afternoon to be the easiest.  If the lawn is dry go ahead and moisten the top layer. Even after work is not too late.  Best to do it when you can rather than not do it at all.

If your lawn was installed and it has not sprouted yet you could hold off on watering until this week has passed.  Once new seed germinates it can succumb to desiccation but if not sprouted the seed will still be viable and waiting for watering to commence.  Having said that, we are in late September and the earlier your lawn starts the better it will be.  So make your choice and stick by your decision.  We have timers and hoses and can assist in watering if needed.  As always give us a call or email if you have any questions or concerns.

Fully established lawns are starting to show drought stress but should be fine.  If you have an area you are concerned with water with a sprinkler for an hour.  That will help considerably but is not necessary.   Let us know if you have any areas that don’t recover once rains returns.