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Summer Shorts

I had the amazing opportunity to do some work in France this summer. I was in Giverny, real close to the site of Claude Monet’s homestead, so naturally I visited the famous gardens and lily pond. They had a museum and his old homestead on the site; however, I spent the entire day just in the gardens. I loved the simplicity of some of the areas and that is what struck me about this picture. There really is only one kind of flower with a stately tree on one side and other tall flowers on the other side. It takes a lot of courage to design landscapes with such simplicity. You’re putting a lot of pressure on what plant but if it succeeds you really have a winner. I was there in the summer and in the background of this bed were dahlias, gladiolas and other tall perennials that make the iris leaves disappear under the canopy of the tall plants.
Knowing how plants will grow and when they will bloom really helps when designing your landscape. Put careful attention to those things and don’t be afraid to put all your money on one plant. You’ll be rewarded with a powerful punch full of flowers.